Sunday, December 5, 2010

iPhone ringer

Like millions of others, I cut the cord and ditched my landline telephone. It had progressed to the point where I simply never used it. Do t miss it, but aside from the voice quality (landlines sound better) the one thing I do need is a house wide ringer. If I leave my iPhone in the pocket of my coat, I might not hear an incoming call upstairs. So, it would be kinda cool to have an app or program on the Mac in the house that detects the nearby iPhone and send a ring out to the AirTunes speakers.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

USSct Search

Surely the databases are out there to support this: I could use an app that searches all the US Supreme Court opinions. Look for holdings, justices opinions, cross reference to the USCA; any unique text or feature.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Flight timer

Here's one for you: how about an app you launch just before you go to "airline mode" when they lock the airplane door. It logs the location and time and you put in the flight number. Then you land, you always light your phone off - launch the app again and it will log the time and location. Why? Well, have it all then link to a on line database. See if all this "on time" performance by the airlines is true. Add an option for the time it takes for you to do a few other things too, like get your bags and rental car. Enter a few comments like whether the flight crew was nice or snippy. Check a box for "nice landing" or "crikey cap'n wanna go work on those landings?" Expedia or Orbitz wanna commission this one? 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rule books

Be cool to have an iPhone app that has the USFA rule book in searchable format. But why stop there? I imagine lots of sports have offical rule books Compile 'em all in an app.

Power me down

How about a one click app that when launched, shuts down the bluetooth, wifi, and dims the screen to minimum to save emergency battery power?

What's my line?

Here's one that might be useful: would be kinda cool to have an app that checks the vegas sports lines. Surely there's an RSS feed somewhere that does this.

The Inaugural Post

I really like my iPhone. It does lots of stuff for me. Every now and then I think of something else I'd like it to do, but my days of programming are long since over.
If anything here sounds useful, have at it. Make a nice app for the right price and I'll download it.